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11 October 2007

Dead heat on the Diversity Train

The school where Ms. Cornelius teaches has been exhorted to improve the achievement of minority students, and this was the beginning of the exhortation:

First we listened to outside people read us really bad poetry. We listened to painfully clichéd free verse with no internal meter, imagery, or intellectual or emotional heft beyond bathos (which can be fun to those who are looking for it) about sad-eyed puppies left out in thunderstorms and birdies with broken wings and acrostics spelling out "I CAN" down the left-hand margin. And then there's that R. Kelly song — don't make me relive that. Those of us with a brain were then treated to these presenters then providing literary analysis of this treacle, too, since it was obviously so very deep that we just didn't get it on our own.

R. Kelly needs to be understood by educators the way Jeffrey Dahmer needs to be understood by pastry chefs.

But the worst was yet to come:

Now, we are told that we should stop trying to impose "white" middle class values upon our students — that's the problem, yeah.

Ah, now we see the racism inherent in the system, and as usual, it's on the part of the haranguers, not the haranguees. Minority students should never, ever be asked to sacrifice their cultural imperatives for the sake of such bourgeois notions as "getting good grades" or "learning to think for oneself"; that's just so injurious to their self-esteem.

You want to improve the achievement of minority students? Get them the hell away from people who think understanding R. Kelly is somehow important.

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