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30 October 2007

Don't look, Ethel

Flashers: dangerous sexual predators or merely pathetic slobs in raincoats?

According to forensic psychiatrist David Greenberg, presently at the Health Department of the Australian state of New South Wales, definitely the former:

"It's not the same as nudists or mooning. An exhibitionist is looking for sexual gratification What they think is that the victim is in awe of their male prowess. That's a big turn on."

Greenberg's research in Canada found that as many as one-third of women over 18 had been flashed at least once, and about 15 percent of the exhibitionists in his study graduated to full-fledged sexual assaults.

Now I've always believed that pointing and laughing was a fairly effective form of birth control, but I have to assume that someone sufficiently deluded to think Joanne Sixpack across town is going to be impressed by his display of wangage is probably insane enough to try something worse, so I can't recommend breaking out in guffaws, however much he deserves it.

This doesn't mean, of course, that you should fall over yourself to get to the phone and dial 911 because the couple up the street is having a barbecue in the buff: you'll be left off the invitation list forevermore.

(Via Nudiarist. Title courtesy of Ray Stevens.)

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