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31 October 2007

Dungeon chic

In the process of reading this Donald Pittenger paean to photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston, I happened across this comment by Moira Breen:

I can remember being annoyed when the [Helmut] Newton-esque aesthetic first infested the glossy fashion magazines I enjoyed looking at: not only for its tediousness (oooh, S&M lite for the booboisie, how edgy) but because it drove out what little remained of prettiness and elegance, which was my only reason for exposing myself to their sales pitch, anyway.

It's been my suspicion that the mags buy into this solely because they think it assures access to the Gods of Couture. Harper's Bazaar has a semi-regular feature called "A Fashionable Life," in which someone on somebody's best-dressed list is photographed and interviewed, definitely in that order, and not once in the years they've run this feature have I ever seen any of its subjects dressed in the Halloween rejects that always seem to show up in the Hottest Styles from [fill in name of place with overestimated reputation for design] feature twenty pages earlier. The good stuff is timeless; the bad stuff, well, it will be replaced by new bad stuff in thirty days or so.

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