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26 October 2007

Electrical bananas

Lachlan and Bayou are buying a house (yay!), and like any reasonable homeowners-to-be, they were sweating the results of the inspection. As it turns out, those results were not too shabby:

No major deal-and-heart-breaking flaws. There were a couple interesting surprises, namely that only 2 outlets in the entire house are grounded. Two! WTFF, people? Stunningly stupid and sloppy, on an otherwise gorgeous remodel.

WTFF, indeed. Is this an endemic condition? From the inspection of Surlywood, four years ago:

Correct "open ground" and hot/neutral reversal on receptacles on the exterior and in the interior of the residence.

Have we been overrun this millennium with amateur electricians or something? (The outlets were duly fixed, at a cost of around $200.)

Posted at 8:15 AM to Dyssynergy

In our house, most of the GFI outlets are mispolarized.

Posted by: McGehee at 4:04 PM on 26 October 2007

...and then there's this more generic assessment of our house's electrical wiring.

Rather than festoon Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable throughout the house (did it, didn't like it) or rely entirely on the WiFi (54Mbps vs. 100Mbps), we have Ethernet-to-electrical-wiring adapters in three widely separated rooms. They work most of the time, but occasionally some unknown and unpredictable influence causes one or more of the boxes to stop working, and I have to shuffle first one, then another, to some other outlet to try to re-establish the network.

If all three have crapped out, it can be a real interesting day.

Posted by: McGehee at 4:10 PM on 26 October 2007