The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 October 2007

Expect ADA inspectors any minute now

They're renovating the office tower where Andy works, and they're doing it right:

As part of the construction work, all of the wall- and door-mounted signs were removed and replaced with paper versions until the mess is gone. So, plaques with company names, bathroom signs and stairway signs, etc, are now 8.5" x 11" dopplegangers of their former selves.

No detail was spared in this endeavor. Company names are provided in full, in clear fonts. Stairs are clearly marked for quick exits. And all of the Braille on each sign has been reproduced.

Um, how's that again?

All of the Braille.


In ink.

And then photocopied.

I know that losing one sense can sharpen the others, but I doubt a blind person can feel the tracks of a photocopied Sharpie.

And if those EXIT signs don't glow in the dark, they'll probably hear from OSHA, too.

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