The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 October 2007

File under "How dare you"

Why, you can't even put this in your pipe and smoke it:

Some friends of mine produce "boutique" pipe tobacco of amazing quality. They decided to try the whole organic thing and at great expense arranged a bemused supplier of the leaf who converted an existing organic tomato field and grew up a season worth of red Virgina leaf. Then, to meet the intricate regulations, once the bulks of tobacco were ready, they had to shut down their entire production line, semi-disassemble the machinery, and swab everything down with the approved cleaners. They did the run, and sent the tins out to market. Less than a week later they got a "cease and desist" notice from the Organic Food Council. The gist of it was that they had never intended the "Organic(TM)" label to be applied to such an appalling product as smoking tobacco. The McClellands pointed out they had followed the regs to the letter from field to tin. Didn't matter. The regs were swiftly changed to specifically exclude tobacco, and they were then told to recall and destroy all unsold tins. Fortunately they ended up in front of a sympathetic judge who allowed them to sell off the remainder. Tins now sell in the $100 to $150 range to collectors.

I have informed my mechanic that I expect my motor oil to be pure dead dinosaur.

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