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15 October 2007

Future traveling music

Gwendolyn's sound system comes from Bose: it's got seven speakers, including a subwoofer hanging off the rear deck, 200 watts measured by some system or other, and a custom-fitted trapezoidal head unit that plays CDs, tapes, and AM/FM radio. It works just fine — I've had one CD get stuck in the slot, but I was able to get it out without implements, and the subwoofer mounting probably needs to be tightened up a tick — but if it ever breaks, it's going to cost me on the far side of $200 to get it fixed, in which case I may look at something like this new double-DIN box from Clarion:

Aside from the CD drive, it also offers up a front-mounted USB port for loading up MP3 / WMA files, customizable accent lights, optional Bluetooth, AM / FM tuner, a 50-watt x 4 amplifier and a cutesy display to boot. Check 'em out later this month for 34,650 ($295) apiece.

The nature of Bose systems means I'll presumably have to spring for new speakers as well, but better to do this all at once. And Clarion, at least, might have some ideas as to how to mount this in the Infiniti custom slot: they built the original OEM unit under license from Bose.

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