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30 October 2007

Hollywood buys some '08 tickets

TV Guide this week (it will probably be on their Web site next week), based on a peek at the Federal Election Commission reports, offers a sampling of who in Tinseltown is backing whom. A few items of possible interest:

  • Law & Order creator Dick Wolf kicked in some bucks for former employee Fred Thompson.

  • Of the seven contributors listed for Hillary Clinton, six are female; the other is Jerry Springer.

  • Biggest names for Dennis Kucinich are Casey Kasem and Esai Morales.

  • Jimmy Smits is hedging his bets: he's contributed to Clinton, Bill Richardson and Barack Obama.

  • Lorne Michaels, not so much: he's contributed to John McCain and Chris Dodd.

And as of the time TV Guide checked the FEC lists, no one with any Star Status, and yes, Orson Bean has Star Status (he's a Giuliani fan), had sent a check to Stephen Colbert.

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Orson Bean?

Posted by: Iron Dave at 6:47 PM on 30 October 2007