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13 October 2007

I've heard worse approaches

Email from Shelley Batts:

Shelley here, blogger at Retrospectacle. I'm emailing you as a fellow blogger who has linked me recently, or I am in contact with. Frankly, I need your help. I've been nominated (1 of 20 nominees) for a $10,000 Student Blogging Scholarship and would REALLY appreciate any help you might give in sending voters my way. The highest # votes wins the scholarship, which is kind of silly, but I could really use the money towards my PhD (my thesis is related to a cure for deafness) and paying off my undergrad debt. The link to vote is here. Thank you so much!

Apparently I linked to Ms Batts last month with this item.

I have to agree, it is kind of silly — the award criterion, not the scholarship itself — but I voted for her anyway. Last I looked she was in second place.

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