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25 October 2007

My rank pages

Venomous Kate has had it up to here with Google:

What do I have in common with, ProBlogger, Forbes and the Washington Post? Google spanked all of us. Hard.

Page Rank is plummeting all over the web today, it seems, thanks to an unfathomable shift in Google's PR policies. Plenty of folks claimed at first that the dive in PR was limited to those folks who sell ads outside of the Google Adsense network but plenty of non-selling sites took a dive, too.

As a non-selling site, I figured I'd check out my own Page Rank. I used to have a little gizmo on the sidebar that actually read it off, but it was down more days than it was up and I eventually just removed the code. But the site that does the lookup is accessible without the widget, so I duly punched in the URL, and this is what I find:

  • Page Rank before the Big Plummet: 5
  • Page Rank after the Big Plummet: 5

I note that rates a 7, which suggests to me that Google is rewarding sites with inscrutable interfaces — in which case I probably should dig out one of my older templates and try for a 6.

Disclosure: At the time I first installed the aforementioned widget, I was a 6.

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I've never been with a ten, but I have been with two fives...

Posted by: Adam at 11:47 AM on 25 October 2007

Adam, is that anything like trading in a forty-year-old wife for two twenties?

Posted by: unimpressed at 3:09 PM on 25 October 2007

I rarely bother to check my pagerank until something like this comes up (and it still really doesn't MEAN anything to me)...mine's a five. I remember once at the beginning of this year it was a two for two days.

Posted by: aka_monty at 3:22 PM on 25 October 2007

Oh, it's clearly a sign from Google that they're going to punish those of us who make money from blogging with everyone else BUT them. (I have, as you know, been making an average of $1900/mo. from it for the past few months. I have YET to reach the $100 mark for Google AdSense paying off, though.)

Google has sent a clear message: their search engine will siphon out blogs that try earning money in ways aside from their AdSense program.

That's their prerogative (much as I hate sounding like Bobby What's-His-Name). Does it mean my blog(s) are any less entertaining than 3 days ago? I don't think so.

I'm not pleased, as you noted. But I AM curious to see what's going to happen after the great watershed of this Google repositioning.

Come to think of it, looking at Google's stock values since they spanked so many sites with PR devaluation, I think I *do* know what's going to happen.

And I'm still laughing all the way to the bank.

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 7:42 PM on 25 October 2007

Well I do run Google ads on my site and I rank at a measly 3! Oh well...

Posted by: Thomas at 7:51 PM on 25 October 2007

I may once have been
As high as ... well, not ten
Now no matter what I do
I can't get higher than 2
Burma Shave

Posted by: McGehee at 9:13 PM on 25 October 2007

I have a 5 on the main blog with no ads, and a 0 on the professional blog with the Google ad strip.

Woo hoo!

Of course, my wife's blog, with no posts on the home page, is a 5, too. So maybe 5 is the new 0, and 0 is the new -5.

Posted by: Brian J. at 2:50 PM on 26 October 2007

My page rank is the same as it was before I sort of stopped posting - 5. I am proud to be average.

I am also wondering what Charles means by an 'inscrutable interface'. Example?

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 3:55 PM on 26 October 2007