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30 October 2007

Name that tune

The URL is a stretch, perhaps, but has a straightforward purpose: you upload some bit of music about which you know next to nothing, and someone, you hope, will be able to, well, identify it.

Michele explains the motivation:

So you no longer have to listen to your friend call you at 1 am humming some damn pop song, asking you if you know what the hell he's singing, because he sure as hell doesn't and he can't possibly fall asleep without knowing the title.

I did sign up, and I did manage to nail down one of the 250-odd tracks awaiting identification, though obviously I haven't heard everything, and my expertise in anything later than about 1985 is dubious at best. And, lazy as I am, I'm subscribing to the podcast, in the hopes that it will make stuff easier to find.

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I took the bait, too, and ID'd "A Whiter Shade Of Pale."

Interesting service.

Posted by: david at 7:55 AM on 30 October 2007

So this means I can call even more often getting you to name a song for me?

Posted by: wamprat at 8:08 AM on 30 October 2007

thanks for the write up.

The URL is a stretch, but you can go to if thats more your thing.

Thanks helping someone out.


Posted by: Thomas Swift at 12:54 PM on 31 October 2007