The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 October 2007

No blue and gold stripes, though

About fifty years ago, Bank of America (the original, San Francisco-based version) brought forth a new credit card, which would be operated by banks rather than stores, and which would be acceptable at all sorts of places that had never taken credit cards before. It was called BankAmericard, and B of A licensed the premise to seemingly every bank on the planet. (The holdouts eventually created a card of their own.) In 1977, all the BankAmericard variants, including B of A's, were united under the Visa trademark, and the name got shoved back into a corner somewhere.

Today, Bank of America (the much-merged, Charlotte-based version) is reviving BankAmericard as a rewards-based credit card. It's a Visa.

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Remember those TV ads for BankAmericard, with the animated orchestra conductor? And the Christmas ones where the "orchestra" was Santa Claus with one of those one-man-band contraptions?

They tried to keep the theme going after the Visa rebranding, but it just didn't work so well anymore.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:48 AM on 20 October 2007