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15 October 2007

None dare call it drizzle

The rainiest year on record in Oklahoma City was 1908, when the city recorded 52.03 inches of rain. (Average is around 35.)

The operative word here is "was." A pretty hefty patch of stormage blew through here last night, dropping three-quarters of an inch at Wiley Post Airport in ten minutes. The official figure at Will Rogers for the night was 1.40, which brings the 2007 rain total to 53.34 inches.

Most surprising, I suppose, is the fact that the rain held off until after the Centennial Parade.

Posted at 7:33 AM to Weather or Not

Those Miss Americas would have melted if they'd been rained on. And did Johnny Bench take his medication yesterday? Because, um ...

Though I gotta say, my favorite part of the parade was the float that Ty England was on, because it had pictures of all our country music stars, like, "These are the people we couldn't get to do our parade, so here's Ty England for you."

Posted by: Nate at 8:33 AM on 15 October 2007