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2 October 2007

Once more, with feeling

I can't say it any better than this:

Six years of tradition has the blogger community sharing, and baring, their chests for the best reason they can think of — fighting cancer.

That's right, the racks are back Oct. 1-8 and they're committed to raising more than $10,000 in one week by unveiling Mother Nature's greatest gifts. That's right, we're saying it, BOOBIES.

"I love the idea," says Melissa Connolly, 2007 coordinator. "If someone's going to ogle* my goods, they can at least make a donation to save boobies and lives!"

No one ever said that bloggers were afraid of expressing their opinions or sharing their ideas. Those are the very catalysts that make blogs the influential medium they are today. So when a joke between friends turned into an empowering fundraiser and awareness-raiser bloggers nationwide signed on. And they're saddling up again for another wild ride in 2007.

* Not to be confused with The Lost Ogle.

Yours truly is a Platinum Sponsor of the Boobie-Thon, and I'm happy to step up once more. (For one thing, or two, the view is better.) If this sounds like something that deserves your support, start here.

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* Not to be confused with The Lost Ogle.

Hmmm. If our friend Brian J. ever decides to change the name of his blog...

Posted by: McGehee at 1:49 PM on 3 October 2007