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31 October 2007

One check too many

I think we've all been through something like this:

Yesterday morning I was trying to run errands and the engine started acting up. Back to the mechanic for a new ignition coil and a couple of tune-up items. On the one hand, that was more money going out and you know I hate to spend money. On the other hand, every time I take my car in I expect the estimate to be, "This will be two thousand dollars, you should just get a new car," so a couple hundred dollars is a relief compared to my imaginary estimates.

I am similarly pessimistic, as a rule, and certainly nobody's going to cut me any slack when I show up in an Infiniti. On the other hand, so far as I've been able to tell, workaday Nissans aren't appreciably less expensive to service.

I'm not sure at what point I would start thinking that I should just get a new car. I'm pretty sure it's over two grand, though; I once had to replace both a catalytic converter and an A/C compressor in the same week, and didn't get much change back from a $2000 bill. Now if I had to do this sort of thing on a regular basis, I might think otherwise. In the last 6500 miles, though, I've been faced with just two oil changes and one set of tires, and the tires, assuming I don't go running over sharp, pointy things on a regular basis, should be good for three or four years.

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