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12 October 2007

Quote of the week

Doc Searls riffs on the same Vanity Fair piece by Michael Wolff I mentioned last month, the one about the imminent Death of News. But Searls, more thoughtful than I, comes up with a worthy metaphor:

Everything we invent is just a prototype for the next mistake. And that's okay. The best we can do is leave the world a little better than we found it. All of us found it full of information only other people know. My youngest kid, at age two or less, grabbed me by the finger one day and pulled me outside. "Papa," he said, "show me something". Translated to the adult: "I've been here about six hundred days or so. You've been here forever. You know what all this stuff is. I don't. Fill me in."

News is how we fill each other in. The need for that will never go away.

I'm not canceling my subscription just yet.

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