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23 October 2007

Rampaging foodies

Now let's be fair. The triumvirate at don't come across as food snobs, or indeed as snobs of any sort. Indeed, there's a category called Shady Restaurant of the Month, in which they highlight places with respectable food in dubious surroundings. As the disclaimer says:

If you choose to go to one of these establishments be aware that these are normally cash only, donít always have proper air conditioning / ventilation, and should never under any circumstances be visited alone. Chances of being approached by a vagabond, prostitute, or teen runaway looking for a compassionate soul to provide them a meal is greater than 50%. I will in no way be held responsible if you finish your meal and return to your car only to find that it is on cinder blocks and the wheels are suddenly for sale across the street.

Okay, maybe a little snobby.

Still, whom are you going to believe: the guy who posted the Zagat review after too many reruns of The Splendid Table, or the guy who actually ordered the Redneck Club Sandwich at Jaime's Grill on the Hill? (Actually, you might give the Zagat fellow a second look, especially if he can spell "Jaime.") Besides, everybody knows about Deep Fork and such; it's the oddball places you want to hear about.

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Hey thanks for the post and for the spelling catch on Jaime's! I will get that corrected. Please keep reading and commenting. We enjoy hearing from you.

Posted by: Tim Wall at 8:57 AM on 25 October 2007