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25 October 2007

Semi-edible footwear

Shoes made of birdseedNot by you or by your significant other, unless you're dating Big Bird: these German-designed flats are actually composed of compressed birdseed, and presumably your feathered friends will drop by to nip at your toes. I don't think I'd wear these while mowing the lawn, and I don't think they'd be particularly useful if your favorite outdoor activity is kicking squirrels in the, um, nuts. (Purely parenthetical note: The working title for the wacked-out Sixties single "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman," by the pseudonymous Whistling Jack Smith, was "Too Much Birdseed." Obviously some pop Nostradamus anticipated these things.) On the positive side of the ledger, you have to admit, they're not as hideous as Crocs.

(Via Hippyshopper.)

Posted at 6:53 AM to Rag Trade

Might not be as comfy as croqs, either, though. Croqs may be ugly but they're FABulously comfortable.

Posted by: anne at 9:38 AM on 25 October 2007

Wow. A product that doesn't even try to HIDE its planned obsolescence.

I sure wouldn't want to be wearing a pair of those in the rain. Or even in a humid up the closet door and ugh, moldy sprouty shoes. And I refuse to keep my shoes in the refrigerator.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 11:41 AM on 25 October 2007

I have an irrational fear of getting lice from birds, so it's safe to say that I won't be purchasing those shoes. Especially not in that color. ;)

Posted by: aka_monty at 3:23 PM on 25 October 2007

"It's a dog-eat-dog world, and I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear."

Norm, Cheers

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 3:58 PM on 26 October 2007

Those shoes have to be the ultimate in the "Someone has too many dollars and not enough sense" category.

Posted by: unimpressed at 6:33 PM on 26 October 2007
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