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17 October 2007

Showroom-floor glue removal

It looks like the Daimler-free Chrysler will thin out its herd of vehicles shortly, and for the best of all possible reasons:

"We have models that overlap, where we have two or three vehicles that serve the same market segment and maybe the same customer and actually compete with each other to some extent," Chrysler President and Vice Chairman Jim Press told reporters last week. "We also have markets where we have insufficient coverage. Where we don't have enough product."

Reportedly on the chopping block: Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Durango (though not, curiously, its Chrysler Aspen sibling), Jeep Commander and Compass, maybe even the Chrysler Sebring. (Were it up to me, I'd drop only the non-convertible Sebring: the car loses a lot of its horribleness when the top is dropped.)

Still yet to be detected on the horizon: a proper replacement for the PT Cruiser, or an apology from Jeep for bringing out the Compass in the first place.

(Via Autoblog.)

Posted at 8:29 PM to Driver's Seat

I really think those two models of Jeep were an attempt to put the Jeep moniker on Dodge vehicles, just to see if they could get away with it.

Jeep is about the only American make out there that has never really been indistinguishable from its sibling brands. GM and Ford could learn from that, but apparently even Jeep's parent corporation needed to be reminded.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:21 PM on 17 October 2007

And since Jeep has scant few, if any, standalone dealers, it's not like they need a full line of vehicles: they own their niche, and they don't need to fuzz up the message by introducing non-Jeeps with Jeep badges.

Just once in my lifetime I want to see a Mercury that's not also a Ford. It's okay with me if they bring it in from Ford of Europe, or even the Australian branch, as long as they don't sell it here with a blue-oval badge.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:34 PM on 17 October 2007

As long as I'm giving advice to automakers...

"Hey, General Motors! Why do you need two lines of trucks?"

Posted by: McGehee at 9:36 PM on 17 October 2007

Interesting. I actually bought a new non-convertible Sebring earlier this year because I liked the redesign. Maybe now I'll have a collectors item. :P

Posted by: Cam at 12:58 PM on 18 October 2007

I'm still waiting for an apology for the PT Cruiser, possibly the ugliest non-Scion vehicle on the road today.

The ugliest vehicle IMHO is Scion xB, whose basis must be in the drawing of a fourth-grader about to fail art class. (I know from personal experience, having been the 4th grader that failed art.)

Posted by: Dan B at 9:02 AM on 19 October 2007

Then you'll really hate the '08 xB, which is somewhat tarted up, and which weighs about 600 lb more than its predecessor, exactly what everyone is looking for in an econobox.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:11 AM on 19 October 2007