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15 October 2007

Strange search-engine queries (89)

There was an unexpected uptick in traffic this past week. Did this result in more gems for this section? Well, let's see:

women set to outearn men by 2025:  And it's only 0630 now.

Maureen Dowd nipple:  Traditionally, these come in pairs.

barn to be wild:  You might try the Round Barn in Arcadia. No corners to hide in.

grandmas should not wear thongs:  Doesn't this, like, depend on the grandma, and whether she also wears Depends?

daughter bathroom divestiture video frequency:  I dunno about you, but my daughter doesn't want any video when she divests, not even once.

okc core to shore, what will happen, original crosstown:  It will be replaced by a ground-level boulevard that will have no parking spaces beneath it.

a cure for two old farts who stay at home:  Have you tried Febreze?

the beaufort gazette, students defecate in burger king bathroom:  Have you tried Febreze?

kia sedona has urine smell coming from air conditioning vents:  Have you tried Febreze?

girls laughing at penis:  Think of it as a very effective birth-control alternative.

wearing underpants to bed reduce size of penis:  I can report only that not wearing them does not make it grow.

crossdresser wears a bra 24/7 to grow bigger breasts:  But does he wear underpants to bed?

Posted at 6:30 AM to You Asked For It

If wearing a bra makes breasts grow, why would wearing underpants make a penis shrink?

And feminists say men rule the world. Ha!

Posted by: McGehee at 8:47 AM on 15 October 2007