The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 October 2007

Strange search-engine queries (91)

This is one of those things I do in lieu of actually providing content: raid the referrer logs for potential yocks. (Hey, it's worked before.)

"bullet headed" "leftist intellectual":  Most of your leftist intellectuals cringe at the mere thought of bullets.

what is the least amount of clothing legally permissible for halloween:  Enough so that moving the bag doesn't cause exposure.

nudist cartwheeling girls pics:  Sorry, no upskirts for you.

did shirley jones get spanked growing up:  I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that she'd paddled Jack Cassidy once or twice.

Sons Experimenting With Mom's Silken Undergarments:  Let's hope they're just measuring tensile strength.

promiscuity excuse for sluttiness:  Couldn't it just as likely be sluttiness as an excuse for promiscuity?

Who Is Considered not a Minority:  White guys. That's about it.

Narcissists crossdress:  But they crossdress well.

bikini wax near new canaan ct:  I guess Martha Stewart is dating again.

100,000 leagues under my nutsack wiki:  Just how many contributors do you expect to this wiki?

people over seventy-five should be required to renew their driver's license every year:  Some of them shouldn't be allowed to renew.

man wearing pantyhose at texas renaissance festival:  Sounds like a codpiece salesman looking for leads.

10 inch penis girlfriend afraid:  I'd be afraid if my girlfriend had a 10-inch penis.

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