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4 October 2007

Surly bonds slipped for fifty years

It's the fiftieth anniversary of Sputnik, the beginning of the Space Age as we know it. Alan Boyle's Cosmic Log has some reading material for you (hat tip: Rand Simberg), and Middledawn has some visuals appropriate to the day.

(On a possibly-related subject: What do we have to do to get In the Shadow of the Moon booked here? Do we not have enough screens for Good Luck Chuck, or what?)

Title, of course, poached from John Magee.

Posted at 1:04 PM to Entirely Too Cool

You could add a viewing to your itinerary to Tulsa for the OkieBloggers event...

It's showing at the CIrcle Cinema the next couple of weekends.

Posted by: Brad Nickson at 9:12 AM on 5 October 2007

Which is a pretty good idea, now that I think about it; the event is supposed to be over around six, and there's a showing at seven.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:53 AM on 6 October 2007