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22 October 2007

Tanks for the maladies

Last month, poor Fillyjonk had to replace her water heater, which prompted this unfortunate (as in "ill-timed") comment from me:

I'm dealing with a gas leak which has yet to be repaired; I'm betting that the moment we crank it back up, the old water heater (I know not its age, but it's obviously not too recent) will blow its top.

I subsequently learned its age, which is twenty-two; I also know when it died, which was the twenty-second of October.

And for icing on the cake, 1985 installation practices are light-years away from 2007 code, which means further expense.

On the upside, the water line has been shut off, and leakage into other rooms seems unlikely at this point.

Posted at 11:06 PM to Surlywood

Are you going to put in a tankless water heater? That's my intention when we replace ours.

Posted by: dwayne "the canoe guy" at 12:06 AM on 23 October 2007

If you're ever in California and are tempted to joke about "The Big One," don't. I speak from experience.

I think the patron saint of earthquakes, San Andreas, listens.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:05 AM on 23 October 2007

Tankless really isn't an option for the moment: they're way pricey for gas, and not only are they way pricey for electric but they make for some heavy current draw which I'd have to upgrade the lines to accommodate.

So for now it's more of the same.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:36 AM on 23 October 2007

Yeah, I kind of thought, "don't tempt fate, dude" when you left that comment. It seems that 20 years is a long run for these things.

The good news is if you get a competent installer, it will only take him a couple hours (once he comes out). And the code-upgrades do seem to be a good idea - if, God forbid, the bottom rusts out of my hot water heater now, all the water will drain harmlessly into the sewer, rather than leaking all over my kitchen.

I was lucky; when mine died I only knew because I had no more hot water - it didn't thumb its nose on its way to the Great Beyond of Appliances by leaking, as well.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 8:39 AM on 23 October 2007

I really wanted to go tankless about two years ago when mine died (I did it myself), I just didn't have the five-times-the-cost-of-the-tank money for the upgrade. If ever I can get far enough ahead (yeah, right), I may still do the upgrade.

Posted by: unimpressed at 2:50 PM on 23 October 2007