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9 October 2007

The day of reckoning is at hand

About thirty counties will have some sort of election today, and the one getting the most attention is Tulsa's so-called River Tax, which won't actually tax the river. I think. With all the misinformation floating around, it's hard to be sure.

Speaking of floating, the Oklahoma City Public Schools hope to float a bond issue of just under a quarter of a billion dollars, over and beyond the MAPS for Kids collections. It's been some time since anything of this sort hit the ballot, and I'm inclined to vote for it, because the district has worked steadily to improve itself in the last decade or so, and because the OCMAPS Trust, which oversees MAPS for Kids, will also oversee the bond projects. The lack of pie-in-the-sky promises in the pitch is also encouraging: this is a realistic package to meet ongoing capital needs for the district. Even the Oklahoman, not exactly the district's best friend forever, is endorsing the bond issue.

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