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29 October 2007

The memories of a satisfied mind

In this Grand Ole Opry clip, Dolly Parton honors her long-time mentor Porter Wagoner, who died last night at 80. Nothing else need be said, really.

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See-Dubya and Charles G. Hill have each posted a tribute (each with a YouTube video) to country music star Porter Wagoner, who passed away Sunday. See-Dubya mentions that his parents tell him he was a fan of Porter Wagoner's TV show, which co-starred a......[read more]

I would have thought Wagoner would be older than 80.

Posted by: Veronica at 1:55 PM on 29 October 2007

Kinda makes me want to go out and buy a box of Breeze, just for old times' sake.

Posted by: John Owen Butler at 4:11 PM on 29 October 2007