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10 October 2007

The newest wrinkle

It's been literally years since I saw an Oklahoma Gazette that didn't have at least one advertisement for cosmetic surgery: they don't outnumber the restaurant ads — yet — but I figure it's just a matter of time.

What I hadn't seen before, though, was actual pricing in those ads. One surgeon is offering something called "Augtoberfest," and a special: get your consultation by the end of the month and have the procedure before the first of December, and your new boobage is only $3700 (I assume per pair).

Turn the page, and there's a whole list of "introductory prices" by another clinic. Rack jobbers they're not: they specialize in skin care, and they have package deals for procedures that require repeat performances — say, laser hair removal, which is $400 a treatment or six for $2200 if you're having it done to your legs, and rather a lot less if you're tending to smaller areas.

I probably didn't need to see this at dinnertime, but given the asymmetrical nature of medical information, the fact that they're actually quoting prices is surely a Good Thing for the comparison shopper, and who among us can afford not to be?

Posted at 7:04 PM to Almost Yogurt

Heh- "quoting prices is surely a Good Thing for the comparison shopper, and who among us can afford not to be"...
Do I detect a short vacation in the future for you?
BTW, you didn't see any prices for lyposuction that caught your eye, didja? just wondering

Posted by: localmalcontent at 12:27 AM on 11 October 2007

What's next? Weekly specials on brain surgery? Discount coupons for bypass surgery? Heh...

Around Music City, the big thang right now seems to be hair restoration. Full page newspaper ads, billboards, radio and TV spots, flyers and door hangers. Must be a lucrative business for so many of them to be able to spend so much on advertising. Gotta be a pretty hairy procedure...

Posted by: Winston at 6:03 AM on 11 October 2007