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11 October 2007

The official state sports car

Kentucky State Representative C. B. Embry (R-Morgantown) has proposed naming the Chevrolet Corvette the Official Sports Car of the Bluegrass State.

The premise seems at least reasonable, since the Corvette is built in semi-picturesque Bowling Green, Kentucky, and while other vehicles are built in the state, no one will ever accuse, say, the Toyota Camry, built in Georgetown, of being sporty.

Oklahoma doesn't have an official sports car, and with the state's one auto assembly plant mothballed and plans to build MGs in Ardmore on hold, we may not get one — in which case, please allow me to nominate the true sporting vehicle of Soonerland: a Ford F-150 pickup with worn shocks.

Posted at 3:00 PM to Driver's Seat , Soonerland

"The official sports car of..."

Hmmm. Maybe I should solicit sponsorships (and a free car)...

At my present rate of traffic, it would only take about ten times as long for such a sponsorship to pay for itself, as it would to read every book in the Penguin Classics Library.

Piece of cake.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:07 PM on 11 October 2007

Mmm... Corvette... a yellow one... in my driveway...

I am in a dire need of a cold shower now.

Posted by: SnoopyTheGoon at 6:21 AM on 12 October 2007