The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 October 2007

The tracks of my tears

Petra Nemcova from here downAnd now, for your dining and dancing pleasure, another Shoebunny special. This is Petra Nemcova sporting a pair of Manolo Blahniks, and they're a bit more, um, substantial than some of the Manolos I've seen: the double ankle straps provide the illusion of heft. The shoes don't perturb me, particularly, but does this herald the return of patterned hosiery? Because if it does, I expect to be greatly perturbed for as long as this fad holds out. I can sort of understand the thinking — if you're not going barelegged, you might as well emphasize the fact that you're not — but it's very hard to pull this off and not look like "Oh, my goodness, there's a supermodel with ivy growing on her," or something even worse. For the time being, I will console myself with the thought that at least they're not fishnets. (And if you wear these, like these, and can demonstrate to my satisfaction that they don't make you look like you just got flung into the briar patch by Brer Fox ... but never mind, let's not go there.)

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