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9 October 2007

They don't give up

More stubborn roses

These examples of Rosa recalcitransia are even now blooming in my flower box, one-quarter of the way through October fercrissake, and less than two weeks after one of the neighborhood kids got the best of the bunch. There has been rain, though not a lot, and I haven't watered them otherwise, feeling that geez, guys, it's time to hibernate, isn't it? And it's just this one bush: the others, while they continue to stretch their stems, aren't putting forth any new buds. (Click here or on the photo to embiggen.) This not-having-a-girlfriend business may backfire on me yet.

Posted at 7:55 AM to Surlywood

I am thrilled and amazed that the rose bushes I planted early this summer are still blooming strong, in fact they are producing some of the best blooms yet, with lots of buds that about to bloom, I wondered the other day how long this was going to last.

Posted by: Heather at 11:43 PM on 10 October 2007
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