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6 October 2007

Unofficial "awards" thread

I'll be heading up to Tulsa shortly for the Okie Blogger Round-up, at which awards will be presented. I hope to have a report from the scene shortly after [fill in name of blog operated by someone other than myself] is named Best Overall Blog. You can discuss these if you like; for that matter, you can discuss Kevin Aylward's 2007 Weblog Awards, with a spiffy, one might even say Gleesonesque, new design.

(It should be noted that there are those who question the whole idea of blog awards; I usually bring this up only in odd-numbered years, since for some inscrutable reason my name gets mentioned during those years.)

At any rate, going to Tulsa is always something of a blast, and I'll be back home tonight sometime.

Posted at 1:48 PM to Blogorrhea

Well, get with it, already. I think this fruit basket for Michael Bates is getting overripe.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 2:16 PM on 6 October 2007

Have a great time! Please convey my regrets for not being able to attend. I had every intention of it, but the past week's siege of attacks by my stalker and her minions has left me in precarious health and I'm stuck at home.

Best wishes for all nominees; you're all winners in my book!

(If I win, please let me know! I'll be online. Too bad these things aren't broadcast on the web!)


Posted by: Incurable Insomniac at 5:59 PM on 6 October 2007

I sent a post in earlier but I guess this wasn't/isn't working. Anyway, I actually might
have driven up there if it wasn't for the
Texas game. And the irritable bowel thing :(

Is this working?

Posted by: EulalieShinn at 6:14 PM on 6 October 2007
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