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31 October 2007

Veal with a heel

Marc Jacobs bootsShoewawa picked this as their Ugly Shoe of the Week, and it is indeed hideous: "[Marc Jacobs has] taken it upon himself to spit on the very name of poor little calves. Made — literally — from calf hair, this is the designer equivalent of a farmyard petting zoo; and while I'm usually not averse to leather footwear, this pair just about makes me cry." And if the appearance doesn't bring tears, the price tag will: $998.95 at Zappos Couture, which describes them as "fierce and a bit funky." If you say so, Zapp.

Addendum: I showed these (well, the picture anyway) to Trini; she found them to have no redeeming social value.

Posted at 8:33 PM to Rag Trade

It's the furry fringe that ruins them. Otherwise, they're not all that terrible, though the contrast between the platform and the upper should be made less dramatic.

Love your blog. I didn't know people were that humorous in Oklahoma!

Posted by: Fetiche Nouvelle at 6:37 AM on 2 November 2007

It's a natural consequence of our nine-season climate. (Right now we're just accelerating into "Enough with the damn leaves already.")

Posted by: CGHill at 7:07 AM on 2 November 2007

I'm inclined to agree with Trini. The fur fringes give the shoes sort of a Donald Trump quality, and not in a good way.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 6:08 AM on 3 November 2007