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15 October 2007

"Well done" is hard work

Tam proposes a little something called "Adventure Dining":

You enter the steakhouse and pay $2,000 and sign the waiver form. You're then directed to the changing rooms where you strip from street clothes into a loincloth (provided gratis, of course; this is a classy establishment). The hostess then gives you a lasso and a Ka-Bar, and your steak is turned loose to charge freely up and down the aisles. You lasso it, bring it down, slit its throat, carve dinner free from the part that interests you, howl to the moon in bloody triumph to the cheers of your fellow diners (or at least the ones that weren't trampled by your free range prime rib) and then eat. Or take your meal to the grill, if you're some kind of wimp.

People would line up for the chance of getting trampled or gored trying to lasso dinner! Of course, we'd probably need to build the place in some godforsaken country that ends in "-stan" and has sketchy liability laws with plenty of loopholes, but still! This would be the must eat dining experience of the decade! It makes poisonous Japanese blowfish look like Cream O' Wheat by comparison!

Suddenly I feel terrible, or at least wussy, about having made a pot of spaghetti last night.

Posted at 10:20 AM to Worth a Fork

LOL. Nothing like working for it, eh? ;)

Posted by: writer chick at 3:35 PM on 15 October 2007

On the other hand, it's much easier to deal with the leftovers.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:55 PM on 15 October 2007

Don't sell yourself short -- free-range pasta can be vicious.

Posted by: Brett Thomasson at 9:04 PM on 15 October 2007

Anyone who wants to (and can afford) $2K to play Mighty Hunter is still going to come across more Elmer Fudd than Kraven.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 11:11 PM on 15 October 2007

"Be vewy qwiet. I'm hunting entwees."

Posted by: CGHill at 7:09 AM on 16 October 2007