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13 October 2007

What are you, Waring?

Blender has put up a list of the 50 Worst Songs Ever, and while I have to agree that most of them are pretty damn dire — I sort of liked "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister, which proves that even the oldest and surliest of us still have a capacity for teenage angst — there's one actual error of fact that I must address. Anent #18, Chicago, "You're the Inspiration":

Itís hard to believe, but at one point Chicago were a fairly well-respected rock band. Then Peter Cetera joined, and they jettisoned any remaining street cred in favor of soft-rock ballads your grandmother would deem harmless.

Cetera, in fact, was an original member of the band, going back to the Big Thing/Chicago Transit Authority days: in addition to playing bass, he sang up front with Robert Lamm on "Questions 67 and 68" (from CTA), wrote "Where Do We Go From Here?" and sang lead on Lamm's "25 or 6 to 4" (both on Chicago II). Admittedly, "Where Do We Go" hinted at Cetera's affinity for sub-power balladry, but it would be years before he transformed entirely into a dentist-office-friendly wuss, and anyway he left Chicago shortly after "You're the Inspiration."

Disclosure: Of the fifty, I actually paid for copies of ten.

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I own four. The Sounds of Silence a worst song? I've always liked it. I'd think The Last Song by Edward Bear would qualify more than Simon and Garfunkel's moody tune.

Posted by: Jeffro at 2:15 PM on 13 October 2007

There was a similar list here recently labelled 'most annoying songs'.Ebony & Ivory recently won a worst duets radio contest with Bing & Bowie in the top 5 (which I always thought was just weird kitsch). It worries me how Bobby McFerrin's 'Don't worry be happy'gets in there. I guess some of these songs just get overplayed or go out of fashion. I have personal dislikes. I will turn the radio or TV off if Hotel California comes on but that's just a personal dislike that goes way back.Doesn't mean it's a rubbish song, it's just that I can't stand it.

Posted by: Emalyse at 4:20 AM on 14 October 2007

I own two ("Ob-la-di" and "Sound of Silence"). Both appear on albums that I bought for other tracks.

HOWEVER, I also have the 45 single of "Laughter In the Rain," and somewhere in the archives is Nancy Sinatra's cover of "Up, Up, and Away." Am I doomed?

Posted by: Old Grouch at 8:49 PM on 15 October 2007

So far, I seem to be leading for the dubious distinction of Having Purchased the Largest Number of Awful Tunes.

Which doesn't surprise me: more than a decade ago I compiled my own list of the Bottom 20 of the Top 40, and I bought more than half of those turkeys.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:59 PM on 15 October 2007