The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

6 October 2007

With a capital T

And that stands for Tulsa, and you can decide for yourself what it rhymes with. My congratulations to the winners of the Okie Blog Awards, who this year, as I told you earlier, did not include me. (It's kind of like the Emmys: eventually you're tired of seeing the same old names.) I figure the old peer group did us proud this year. (Oh, yes, they did mention the second-place finishers in each category, which leaves me with a distinction so far unique: two seconds out of a possible two. "Twice the Number Two for the coming year," I quipped.)

Anyway, if you haven't seen the Cherry Street district in Tulsa, and I hadn't in a while, it's worth the trip: just funky enough to be interesting, not so much as to make you wonder if you left your hipster credentials in your other jeans. Hideaway Pizza, of course, is legendary. (Their wireless connection, alas, is not so wonderful if you're sitting under the big-screen TV.)

And a personal thanks to Don Danz, who took the official attendance, and who was kind enough to spring for a three-topping small for yours truly.

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Tulsa/ Repulse a . . ."

Posted by: gail at 7:33 AM on 7 October 2007

I just wanted to say that I had the last order of
French Fries made at Zorba's today. They should
be opening at their new location on Monday.

Maybe you could have the awards there next year.

Posted by: EulalieShinn at 5:48 PM on 7 October 2007