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16 November 2007

A sense of the absurd

And sometimes it borders on no sense at all. This morning's Oklahoman contained images of the paper's front pages for Saturday and Sunday, the 16th and 17th of November 1907, and some of the headlines from those days would raise a 21st-century eyebrow or two. Across seven columns on the 16th, in red ink: STATEHOOD PROCLAMATION WILL BE ISSUED TODAY, followed by two columns of OKLAHOMA PASSES FROM CARPET BAG RULE INTO SISTERHOOD OF STATES. Somebody was seriously overreaching for a metaphor.

Or maybe something else. Down the first column: COMMISSION INSERTING PROBE.

None of this, however, prepares you for the Sunday edition, with a story datelined Guthrie, home of the FIRST INRUGURAL [sic] BALL, in which you learn this: WOMEN ATTEND BALL WITHOUT THEIR DICKEYS. Yeah, that sounds pretty inrugural to me.

Posted at 7:41 PM to Soonerland

Oklahoma carpetbaggers, the hangers on are still there, living off of the stolen proceeds of bushwacked families just after the famous Land Rush.

My great grandfather participated in that land rush, claiming land right on top of that hill where the capitol now stands.
His nearest neighbours house is still in existence as a museum.

He was shot in the back and murdered for his farm. Not the kind of notoriety any family likes seeing hanging off of the family tree.

Posted by: Maggie at 9:15 AM on 17 November 2007

I knew that every city in English is presumed to be feminine, no matter how masculine their name sounds (Rome? Madrid? Chicago?), but a State is also a "she"? Even Texas?
My oh my.

Posted by: Tatyana at 10:10 AM on 17 November 2007