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26 November 2007

A stitch in future time

And Captain Picard said, "Make it sew":


This is belOga, a new sewing-machine design by Kristine Brückner that's still in the concept stage — meaning you can't buy one of these just yet. The neatest twist is the display screen, which not only substitutes for control buttons and such but which gives you a readout of the actual shape of the stitch, a useful commodity if you go for the sort of fancy stitching that used to require swapping out cams. (The second-neatest twist is its semi-autothreading: drop in the spool and belOga will feed the thread all the way to the needle, leaving you only the task of connecting thread to eye.)

God only knows what one of these would sell for, but having thirty years ago written a $1500 check for a loaded-to-the-gunwales Bernina, I suspect that it would be well into four figures.

(Via Popgadget.)

Posted at 8:42 AM to Entirely Too Cool

Oooooh... I want one.

Posted by: GreenCanary at 10:03 AM on 26 November 2007

Not only all that, but it looks like a big belOga Whale, jumping out of the sea, too- when seen from the seamstress' PC-POV.

Posted by: localmalcontent at 2:05 PM on 26 November 2007

Maybe I'm the sole contrarian here (and I normally hate it when people are contrary for the sake of being a contrarian), but I don't like it. It looks like one of those things that's overdesigned and would have a huge learning curve - and a huge re-learning curve - of how to use it if you had been away from it for a while.

To a long time seamstress (been going on 30 years, if you count making doll clothes in my early days seamstressing), it looks like it's non-intuitively designed. Like the cars where you have to have a degree from MIT and a working knowledge of Swedish iconography to make the climate-control system work.

I'll keep my vintage 70s Kenmore, back from when they still made machines that someone with a lick of sense could keep running themselves instead of having to go to some high-priced, only-in-big-cities technician to service. Modern machines are too touchy, and too prone to crap out permanently if there's even a small power surge.

Also: why do they gotta make everything look like an iPod these days? Check the screen on that machine - I'd be willing to bet it's inspired by Apple.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 8:44 PM on 26 November 2007

If it's any consolation, the climate control in my Japanese car, despite a total lack of Swedish iconography, is utterly inscrutable. If you're willing to accept its defaults, you need never so much as push a button; if you want to control some things yourself, you've got to de-control some others. (Beware the dreaded AUTO button.)

And besides, if I didn't ooh and aah over cool-looking stuff, irrespective of functionality, they'd revoke my Y chromosome.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:03 PM on 26 November 2007

Thatīs a great design. Why it is not yet under production? I would of course buy one!!!!!!! OAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Posted by: Amazing at 3:35 PM on 27 November 2007