The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 November 2007

Amazon dot drugs

I don't often fall asleep easily, so I keep on hand a supply of diphenhydramine hydrochloride tablets to help knock me out when necessary. The favored source for these was Albertson's, which vended a generic version under a store brand in a 100-count bottle for around $8, a better deal than the brand-name tabs (Sominex® et al.), which were usually sixteen for $3. With Albertson's now departed from this market, I'd been looking for a substitute, and store-brand tabs aren't hard to find, but they're almost always in the same configuration as the big boys: sixteen tabs in a box, which you have to punch out of the card, a packaging method second only to the plastic clamshell in terms of sheer annoyance value. (Getting title strips off CDs and DVDs comes in third, if you were wondering.)

In my usual secondary shopping mode at — the one usually initiated by "I need something costing X to get free shipping" — I discovered that one of their Preferred Hoarders, who usually sells the sort of mysterious supplements on which the FDA has passed no judgment, also sells good old diphenhydramine HCl in a 250-count bottle. For under five bucks. I was so happy to find this I overlooked the fact that since this product is not sold directly by the Minions of Bezos I wouldn't get any break on the shipping anyway.

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