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7 November 2007

And doggone it, people like him

When Al Franken announced he was running for the Senate, the first thing I thought — apart from the visions of Stuart Smalley dancing in my head, which mercifully departed quickly — was "Geez, what would his fund-raising letters look like?"

Now I've gotten one, and, well, meh.

At least it starts out well, addressed to "Dear Person I'm Asking For Money." There are two mentions of the "Republican slime machine," which always makes me think of You Can't Do That On Television, which routinely slimed know-nothings (not to be confused with Know-Nothings). And Franken says that he is less beholden to guys with big bucks than, say, Norm Coleman: "In the third fundraising quarter, my average contribution was just $67."

And one quip near the end which speaks volumes:

We can change the balance in the Senate so that Democrats no longer have to govern by the skin of Joe Lieberman's teeth.

Biting, one might say. Not enough to suck $67 out of my wallet, though.

Posted at 6:58 AM to Political Science Fiction

If Al Franken were on fire, I wouldn't walk across the street to..... well, he'd burn.

Posted by: Jeffro at 8:47 PM on 7 November 2007

If Al Franken were on fire I wouldn't even pay a wino to walk across the street to...

I might promise to pay him, but I wouldn't pay him.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:24 AM on 8 November 2007

If ANY politician were on fire, I walk across the street . . . to throw more gasoline on it.

Posted by: Dan B at 12:31 AM on 9 November 2007
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