The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 November 2007

Back on track, as it were

There was a record called "Making Love Out of Nothing At All," which, if mentioned in passing, sounds like the sort of thing you'd get if you got Air Supply to do a Jim Steinman song. And indeed, that's what it was. The closest blogospheric equivalent, I submit, is getting three posts out of changing a light bulb, fercryingoutloud. (1; 2.)

So I presented the entire fixture, detached from the track, to the guy at The Light Bulb Store. (That's the name of the place. Truth in advertising.) He looked at it for a moment, reduced it to its component parts in a second or two, and produced from behind the counter a suitable replacement bulb. I stared, dumbfounded, and not just because "This little thing is fifty watts?"

I bought two spares.

At home, though, I managed to regain a sliver of my self-respect. At the end of dinner, the little wire bail that holds the lens in place suddenly didn't: the lens dropped onto a potholder (good fortune, that), but the bail was nowhere to be found. I briefly entertained the idea of returning to the store, remembered that it closed at five-thirty, and finally reshaped a paper clip (alleged "jumbo" size) into a replacement bail, which wasn't all that much more unsightly than the ones on the other two lamps. At least I'd contributed something to the proceedings besides cash and time.

This wasn't the only bit of weird electrickery I've been going through, but that's another post.

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