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12 November 2007

But clean the locker room anyway

Five days after I patiently explained why you shouldn't start standing in line for Sonics tickets in Oklahoma City just yet, the Oklahoman's Mr. Monday provides a counterargument:

Let's try this exercise:

Mr. Monday: The Sonics are going to leave.

Leafy-Green Seattleite: Wait, but what about ...

Mr. Monday: No, really, the Sonics are going to leave and come to Oklahoma City.

Solar-powered, ex-Ralph Nader delegate: But you guys have a small TV market and poorly planned bicycle routes.

Mr. Monday: Our dudes own the team. You are making them upset.

Hybrid-driving, carpooling mountain climber: Ugh, capitalism.

Mr. Monday: Scoreboard, ya hippie.

My objections to this line of thought are twofold:

  • Actual NBA fans are somewhat less likely to conform to this particular stereotype;

  • What the hell is so "poorly planned" about our bicycle routes, other than the fact that we could use more of them?

Point, counterpoint. Cue the other shoe.

Posted at 7:33 AM to Net Proceeds

Agreed - a better plan for bicycle routes begins with have far more than we do. How many do we have anyway? Two or three?

Now, where are your road bike shoe pictures? Shall I send you one of mine? Hooked or unhooked from the clipless pedals?

Posted by: Nina at 1:20 PM on 13 November 2007

If you've got 'em, I'll put 'em up. I'm not proud. :)

(Inasmuch as I couldn't come up with an acceptable answer to your most recent dilemma, I may as well focus on something inanimate, right?)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:32 PM on 13 November 2007

Exactly! :)

Posted by: Nina at 10:18 AM on 14 November 2007