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15 November 2007

Caravans forming now

Looks like Tulsa will be getting a Whole Foods:

Land in front of CityPlex towers at 81st Street and South Lewis in Tulsa, OK will soon be home to a full shopping complex including anchor stores Whole Foods market and Barnes and Noble Bookstore according to Mike Predovic, Managing Partner of Tower Realty Group. The current area of land has been vacant except for Victory kids building which was once a walk-through Bible exhibit for Oral Roberts Ministries.

Truth be told, while I expected Tulsa to land a Whole Foods before Oklahoma City did, I wouldn't have expected it to have been at 81st and Lewis.

And from the sound of things, when we do get one, it probably won't be downtown like everyone's hoping, either.

(Via Batesline.)

Posted at 12:20 PM to Soonerland

Don't they already have a Wild Oats? How much does one city need?

Posted by: Sarah at 3:00 PM on 15 November 2007

holy crap balls! tulsa? seriously. NORMAN!!!!

Posted by: blythe at 3:57 PM on 15 November 2007

Damn. The south side gets everything. I can understand why no one would want to build anything in north Tulsa but there's Owasso. They're growing and are getting a few good stores but not nearly enough. No Barnes & Noble, nor any other kind of bookstore; no music store; no fabric store of any kind. Why does Tulsa need a Barnes & Noble on 81st Street? There's already one on 71st.

Posted by: Lynn at 4:14 PM on 15 November 2007

There is indeed a Wild Oats in Tulsa, on 41st east of Peoria.

(Overland Park, Kansas has a Wild Oats and a Whole Foods about three miles apart.)

And we have similar issues on the east side of Oklahoma City: there's really not a lot there until you actually get out of Oklahoma City.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:36 PM on 15 November 2007