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18 November 2007

Docomunents propaganda

Adobe Acrobat 8 ad frame

Adobe has been running an animated ad for Acrobat 8 lately; I spotted it at kausfiles and captured a frame. Anyone know what a "docomunent" is? (Geez, and just when I thought I'd figured out PDFs, too.)

Update, 30 November: You think maybe this is the new term for the new PDFs with Yahoo! ad content?

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While it wasn't easy to track this down, "docomunents" seem to be a first step in getting restraints:

Restraints are legal. The government has guidelines and certain docomunents has to be signed by family and the nursing home. Certain rules & regulations, but is 100% legal. I have just checked with the nursing homes I visit. That is in NSW


Posted by: Eric Scheie at 2:54 PM on 18 November 2007