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13 November 2007

Dr Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

To hear my mom tell it, the only reason you could buy Dr Pepper in the Carolina Lowcountry in 1962 was because she'd spent the last half of 1961 haranguing bottlers and grocers.

And what's more, they didn't have blogs back then, so she couldn't have done something like this.

Posted at 6:54 AM to Dyssynergy

I've about given up on trying to pressure my local Pepsi bottling franchisee into offering one-liter bottles of its selection hereabouts. The first time I inquired of them, they told me one-liter bottles were simply not profitable and that they'd heard Coke was going to discontinue them too.

Seven years later I'm still buying one-liter Diet Coke at most any convenience store, and the Pepsi bottler still won't size up.

That said, I'm finding they stock the 24-ounce bottles of certain Pepsi products in six-packs at Kroger, which works fine for me -- especially since my wife discovered to her shock that the per-ounce price on these bottles is less than on 12-ounce cans in any quantity.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:38 AM on 13 November 2007

I didn't even know there was a such thing as caffeine free Dr. Pepper.

I wish convenience stores would stock a better variety of drinks in 12 ounce cans and smaller bottles. I hate going into a convenience store and not being able to get anything but those oversize bottles. (20 ounce is oversized) I also hate that when Coke or Pepsi comes out with a new flavor I have to buy a 12 pack to try it. You can never get just one of any of the interesting flavors.

And while I'm complaining about sodas. Why can't I get Diet Cherry Coke anymore. They seem to have replaced it with Cherry Coke Zero. The Zero, as you know if you've ever tried one, means zero flavor.

Posted by: Lynn at 9:37 PM on 13 November 2007

The standard Coca-Cola Zero has flavor, sort of, but it's not one which stirs my enthusiasm.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:04 AM on 14 November 2007

Coke Zero is an attempt at an anti-"New Coke" -- it's a diet Coke that's supposed to taste like classic Coke.

My wife likes it. Me, not so much.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:04 AM on 14 November 2007