The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 November 2007

Even cheaper

I signed up with this particular Web host on the last day of 2001. They offered four plans, from dirt-cheap to downright pricey; I took one in between, and that's been the deal ever since.

Until someone came up with "Why are we offering four different plans, anyway?"

And so it came to pass that there would be one plan, with a la carte options as desired, and the price of that plan is a tad more than their previous bottom-feeder offering — but about half the price of the mid-line package I used to get. And now there are discounts for prepaying by the year, which I've always done anyway.

Bottom line: the price of operating this place has dropped by about $100 a year, despite the fact that owing to some dubious hotlinkage I've chewed up about 60 GB of bandwidth this month. (Usually it's around 3 or 4.) My disk quota seems to have dropped a bit, but I'm nowhere near the 600 GB I'm allowed, so I'm not sweating it.

Now if I can just remember when I have to renew all these domains, I'll actually have matters under control. Sort of.

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