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12 November 2007

From the realty-based community

Prudential Alliance Realty puts out a little magazine every month called Home Scene, which I grab at the supermarket because it gives me a chance to look at some of what's out there for sale, and the price (zero) is right.

This month they have a listing for what is described as a Sensational Mammoth Home, which is probably as close as I'm ever going to see to the term "McMansion" in this publication. And it's big enough: a smidgen under 4000 square feet, on a lot that looks barely big enough to hold it.

Fannie Mae owns the Sensational Mammoth, which tells me that the first buyer was in way over his head. It's probably a good thing he was here in the Big Breezy, where it's still possible to buy something this huge for under half a million.

Posted at 1:03 PM to City Scene

Wowie, this home features "swimming pool(s)"? Years ago, I had friends in the tiny town of Mulberry, Arkansas, who bought a really mammouth, yet abandoned home under construction on a hill there. 5,800 sq. ft. Gorgeous.
When I stayed there a weekend, I had a whole 2nd story wing of my own!
This one in OKC would be just perfect for you, IMHO, Charles. Pool(s)!

Posted by: the Localmalcontent at 1:31 PM on 12 November 2007

Heavens, what would I do with something this monstrous? It's just me here, and the babes are lined up none deep on the porch.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:55 PM on 12 November 2007

The company I used to work for built homes that could be over 6,000 square feet. All I could think of was I'd get too tired to make it from the bedroom to the kitchen for my coffee.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 3:15 PM on 12 November 2007

the babes are lined up none deep on the porch.

A large house with a swimming pool might have a much more line-uppable porch -- though that's less likely in a subdivision than on, say, an estate with about 40 acres of front lawn...

Posted by: McGehee at 4:35 PM on 12 November 2007

Problem is, with a house like that, there are other expectations...a person just can't keep driving the same old Ford POS they've been driving for ten years, and you'd pretty much have to hire a maid service, and a lawn the old story about the "Rocking-Horse Winner," the walls would constantly seem to whisper, "There must be more money; there must be more money."

I like my little old cottage; no one expects my lawn to be perfect and I can completely clean the place myself in less than half a day.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 6:51 AM on 13 November 2007

a person just can't keep driving the same old Ford POS they've been driving for ten years

That's where the active cultivation of a reputation for eccentricity comes in (though in a subdivision with an HOA, eccentricity is punishable by death, so be careful).

Posted by: McGehee at 7:31 AM on 13 November 2007
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