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24 November 2007

Grease is the word

Two factoids: San Francisco has some 1500 diesel-powered vehicles in the city fleet; San Francisco spends some $3.5 million a year cleaning up the dumping of waste cooking oil, usually from the city's own sewer system.

So this makes sense: the city will pick up the grease from your eatery, no charge, and have it converted to biodiesel, thereby addressing two issues at once.

Which leads to this question: what about commercial grease-pickup firms? Apparently the competition for grease in the Bay Area has been so fierce that most of the firms who used to charge for picking it up no longer do so. A representative for San Francisco's Public Utility Commission says that while any restaurant can sign up for SFGreasecycle, priority will be given to those not currently using a commercial service — which presumably are the ones most likely to be dumping it into the sewers. Next question: will the demand reach a point where restaurants will actually be able to sell the stuff?

(From Biodiesel Blog via Autoblog Green.)

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