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30 November 2007

Hence the name "Fargo"

The Truth About Cars takes note of a marketing opportunity:

North Dakota, you see, is the only state in which Kia doesn't have a single dealership. North Dakota is also missing Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, BMW, Isuzu (no love lost over that, either), Volvo, Saab, Jaguar, or Hummer.

Then again, North Dakota has only about 640,000 people, and they're spread out far and wide, so this is no surprise. But:

For those who are in the market for such vehicles, they're in some luck: the largest city in the Peace Garden State is Fargo, which sits right on the Minnesota border (where you can get your hands on anything). But hey, it means there are plenty of opportunities for you to get rich by owning your own car dealership. Where else could a BMW dealership claim an entire state as its sales territory?

Wyoming, for one, though Wyoming has even fewer people than North Dakota.

And while Fargo is indeed adjacent to Minnesota, it's not like you're going to find Lexi and Bimmers right across the Red River: you're going to have to head for the Twin Cities, a good 200-mile run. (We will entertain no remarks about getting Hummers in Moorhead.)

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Wyoming car dealers fume about how many Wyomingites go to Colorado or Salt Lake to buy cars. Apparently there's a perception that you actually save money by traveling hundreds of miles to another state to buy even a Ford or Chevy.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:59 AM on 30 November 2007

Alas, you can't even buy an Oldsmobile in Fargo anymore.

Posted by: Thomas Pfau at 10:37 AM on 30 November 2007

Fargo came out well before Oldsmobile was sent to the scrapyard, but sometimes I wonder if maybe GM saw the film as evidence of Oldsmobile's bad juju, hastening the marque's demise.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:12 PM on 30 November 2007