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7 November 2007

Hey, nice shorts

I never saw any particular need to burnish my Aging Urban Hipster credentials, on the honorable basis that I don't actually have any. On the other hand, this evening found me (and a companion, you should know) at the tony XO Lounge downtown, watching this month's shortsSUITE, a collection of short films assembled by those fabulous folks who bring you the deadCENTER Film Festival every summer. In fact, one item on tonight's menu I'd actually seen at deadCENTER: Virginia Todd Burton's lyrical Alien Rose. Some of the others I remembered seeing on screening lists. The XO itself is pretty neat, a shot of modern in the basement of the post-Victorian Colcord Hotel, and the food comes from the reliable Soleil upstairs.

The real adventure, though, came at the end, when neither of us could quite figure out how to get out of the city's humongous Galleria parking garage. Apparently this late at night there's exactly one attendant, and she's about fifteen linear miles away.

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