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17 November 2007

How to increase blog traffic

Attila Girl queries some of the A-listers:

I did ask the Big Dawgs for advice on improving my traffic. Rusty suggested that "sometimes the shallowest posts bring in the most hits," and you could never go wrong by posting pics of girls in lingerie. Ace told me that the fastest — if not quite the classiest — way to get traffic was to blog about how hard it was to find a bra that was the right size for one's ample breasts. When I told him I was okay now that my local Nordstrom had a new buyer, he looked at me funny. After that, he spoke more slowly, and a bit more loudly. And he used shorter words.

I'm not buying either of those explanations, but I did reprint them here to see if they get me back over 600 a day.

In a related story, I've gone back and culled some of the MP3s I've posted in the last year or so, mostly because my bandwidth usage has gone up tenfold — not because of actual readers, as it happens, but as a result of people hotlinking the files for use on their own sites. (What is so common as the Tragedy of the Commons?) If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a bunny with a pancake on its head.

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