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30 November 2007

In remembrance

Helen Troy, former publisher of The Oklahoma Observer and beloved spouse of Forrest J. "Frosty" Troy, longtime Observer editor, has died at entirely too young an age. (Some of us hoped she'd go on forever.) The Troys sold the Observer to Arnold and Beverly Hamilton earlier this year, making it possible for Helen to retire; Arnold Hamilton, reports Mike McCarville, said today that Helen had been in "excellent health" and that her death was totally unexpected.

For you out-of-staters: the Observer, once a Catholic publication, was acquired by the Troys in 1970. Frosty had been covering the Capitol for the Tulsa Tribune, and briefly served as editor of the Oklahoma Journal. Duties at the Observer were divided: Helen was publishing, Frosty was editorial, and that's the way they ran it for all those year. The little semi-monthly never made that much money — Frosty's career as a public speaker took up the slack in the Troy family budget — but its influence was far greater than its circulation (around 7000) might suggest: just about everyone who's anyone in Oklahoma politics read it, whether they liked its politics (progressive but not free-spending) or not. (I'm up for renewal in April.)

For reference: this thread at Democrats of Oklahoma, where Helen's death was first reported.

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